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Self-discovery happens outside of your comfort zone and outside of the classroom. By immersing yourself in a new environment filled with new perspectives you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. Your choice to intern abroad will impact your future, create lifelong connections and a global network. Whatever your motivation, an internship abroad can help you on the path to your dream career. How do you stack up? Last year, only 9% of undergraduate students studied abroad, and even fewer than that had an internship and travelled abroad. Not only is an international internship program a unique way to gain travel experience, but an international internship program has also been proven to benefit your career. 


  1. Professional Experience Like any positive internship experience, an internship abroad will help you enhance your professional skills and improve your resume. An international internship will differentiate your resume, and you, from others who you will be competing with in the workforce. 


2. Confidence Doing an internship in another country, or even a new city, is a big challenge. It can be scary, but all the frustrations and challenges you will face abroad and within your international internship will help you gain confidence in your own abilities. 


3. Travel This one is pretty self-explanatory. You should do an internship abroad because you want to travel and see new cultures, beautiful sights, and meet new people. 


4. Cultural Awareness We are living in an international job market and having a world perspective will help you relate to people in and outside of the workplace. Having global awareness will strengthen your soft skills like communication and positive attitude. 


5. Adaptability Anyone who has lived or interned abroad will tell you that nothing makes you learn faster than by immersing yourself in a new country. You will quickly adapt to understand the nuances of a new culture, language, and even workplace behaviour. 


6. Independence Deciding to go and live abroad for a few months can be a daunting, but exciting, decision. However, once you are there and interning on your own it gives you a very real sense of independence and empowerment. 


7. Trial Run a Career Field It?s hard to tell if you really love your chosen career field until you experience what it’s like working in it on a day-to-day basis. An internship allows you to do a test run? while getting experience to get an idea of what you like and what you don't like about your industry. If it ends up that you need to reevaluate what you want to focus on after graduation, that?s okay! You still gained some great transferable skill and you got to travel.

8. Improve Language Skills Immersing yourself in a country that speaks another language is the fastest, and best, way to improve your language skills. If you decide to an internship in an non-English speaking destination you will definitely have to face the challenge of a language barrier, but you will dramatically increase your fluency within that language. 


9. Create an International Network You can never have too many people in your network. During your internship abroad you will make connections with your host employer, other interns, and other leaders within your industry overseas. At Global Experiences we even offer networking events to let students practice their networking and conversations skills while make making connections with professionals within their industry. 


10. Fun An internship abroad can be described as a lot of things such as: demanding, life changing, thrilling, nerve-wracking, but it will also always be fun. An internship abroad is a fun adventure filled with new skills, breathtaking views, lasting friendships, and tons of memories. 

Still not convinced ? Enquire on our website and we would be glad to talk with you more about why we love international internships and how we can help you get started on your very own.