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The delivery process primarily comprises of the following:

Like all training programs emphasis will be on teaching through Conventional & Non-conventional Learning methodology. Use of experiential training will be an integral part of qualifying. Therefore Audio / Video in Situation Response, Simulation, Drills and Exercise will form a part of standardizing delivery style. Some of the teaching methodologies we follow are the following:

The industry is growing manifold and future beholds a very competitive market led by the adoption of superior technology and aggressive business organization with a larger scale of operation.

Guest Lectures


For any professional institution the interaction with the corporate world is of paramount importance. At IAER we have the dedicated Corporate Resource Centre to ensure that our students have the maximum interaction with leaders from the corporate world. IAER believes in providing industry exposure to students through weekly guest lectures by industry professionals on a specific topic or issue related to corporate world.

Seminars & Conferences

IAER has been actively involved in promoting management excellence through organising and being academic partner of various events. IAER faculty members and students have benefited immensely by participating in these events.

Industry Visits & Corporate Interaction

To see firsthand how world-class organizations operate, industry visits are organized. The interaction with industry experts, touring of factories and facilities helps students to relate the theories they have learnt

Experienced Based learning

After over months of research development and application of organisational effectiveness models covering a wide variety and facets of learning methodologies. IAER has evolved a holistic model ? Experienced Based Learning. An amalgamation of various forms of learning such as classroom, psychometric instruments and outbound Experienced Based Learning enables participants understand and apply newfound knowledge skills and perspectives within a single learning initiative it explores the human interplay of the individual with self others and the environment.

These business simulations are a fun way of linking learning to the workplace realities through games and exercises with active Involvement of every member of the group and can be conducted both indoor as well as in the outdoors.